Nottingham Puppet Festival 2018

Nottingham’s first puppet festival took place from 22-25 March but the last day was the only one I was free to explore. Produced by the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall, Nottingham Trent University and City Arts there were workshops, theatre productions and talks and on the final day a parade through the Market Square accompanied by some very lively music. Solely judging by the large crowds I had to wade through it’s been a success and at least on Sunday the weather was bright and sunny. My first stop had been to the Theatre Royal where a couple of the horses from the War Horse production were entertaining the crowd.

After that I moved towards the Market Square and managed to get a good spot to take photos of some of the puppets on display and then to watch the parade as they came around to wind down the festival. They attracted a fairly sizeable crowd and without doubt the elephant was the most popular puppet. It was a really fun event and lovely to see how excited both adults and children were to see the puppets on the move.


You can see some more photos here.



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