Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Princes Street Gardens is a public park in the centre of Edinburgh and the first place we headed after booking into our hotel in order to stretch our legs after a long car journey.

The gardens are lovely, particularly in the sunshine and contain a great deal of monuments and statues, many of which will be featuring in their own separate posts.

The gardens lie in a valley that was once occupied by the Nor Loch, a boggy depression that was drained in the early 19th century. Originally the gardens were private and unless you were a resident you would have to buy a key to gain entry. They were first opened to the public in 1851.

One of the most striking features is the Floral Clock which actually tells the correct time. When it was commissioned in 1903 it was the first of its kind in the world. The clock’s mechanism used to have to be wound daily but by 1973 an electric motor had been installed.

The gardens also give a great view of Edinburgh Castle.

You can find some more photos of the gardens, including some of its monuments here.

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