Bressingham Steam and Gardens: The Gardens

Whilst visiting the Bressingham Steam Museum we also visited the gardens which are next to it. There are six distinct gardens laid out over 17 acres, and as such were much more impressive than we had expected.


Adrian Bloom, the founder of the gardens, began planting the first beds in 1953. Since then other gardens have been planted with different themes such as the summer and winter gardens and the fragrant gardens.



We visited at probably just the right time to see all the flowers in colourful bloom and be surrounded by very active dragonflies (sadly none stayed still long enough to be photographed).



There are over 8,000 plants in the gardens and a few of the ones I particularly liked are below.




We were also lucky enough to spot this wild rabbit enjoying a bite to eat in the flowerbeds!


It had some other nice features including this pond (one of several)…


and this small thatched dwelling.


The Gardens were really lovely to visit, especially in the rare bright sunshine. You can find more of my photos of the gardens here.

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