The Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall

The Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity in Lincolnshire was built around 1465-85, its commission requested in the will of Ralph Cromwell, owner of the nearby Tattershall Castle.


The Church isn’t affiliated with the National Trust and donations are requested if you intend to photograph inside, which I duly provided. In 1439 Henry VI gave it Collegiate status. (A Collegiate Church is a church that has a chapter of canons attached to it – their livings paid for through endowments and income from the land. Normally associated with Cathedrals, some churches such as Holy Trinity were considered important enough to justify the same system). It is one of the largest parish churches in the country.


The Church is impressively large, though its size is deceptive from the inside. It was reputed to have some of the best stained glass windows in England, but all but the Great East window which you can see below were removed in 1754 after complaints were made that the stained glass made the interior too gloomy.


One fun aspect of the church is that Tom Thumb, allegedly 47cm tall, lived in Tattershall and was buried in the church in 1620 at the age of 101.


It’s a pleasant church to wander around if you’re already visiting Tattershall Castle or the surrounding area, and also includes a small cafe where we had some very nice tea and a slice of cake.

As ever, you can find more photos at my flickr here.

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