Iceland Part Twelve: Asmundarsafn Sculpture Garden

This sculpture garden and museum is one of the three parts of Reykjavik’s Art Museum and was recommended to me by a member of staff when I visited Hafnarhús.


Asmundur Sveinsson was an extremely popular sculptor who died in 1982. The museum building was designed by him originally as his home/studio. It certainly stands out and yet also somehow fits in quite well with the surrounding houses, probably due to the fact that it’s quite a low building in the middle of a lot of trees.

I was there in the morning and during winter when the interior is only open during the afternoon so I didn’t go inside, but of course the sculpture garden is open, and free, all year round.


Sveinsson apparently created sculptures that were inspired by Iceland and its folklore, and I could definitely see hints of the Icelandic sagas in his work.


And of course as is always the case there were plenty of sculptures where I had absolutely no idea what was going on! The sculptures are all labelled with their names but there was no English translation or explanatory text (possibly that would have been solved if I’d gone inside), so I’m afraid any cultural context of the sculptures shall remain a mystery. It  was a nice little half-hour’s diversion though and worth a quick visit.



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2 thoughts on “Iceland Part Twelve: Asmundarsafn Sculpture Garden

  1. I find it amazing that these are not completely new sculptures – they seem so modern.


    • Louise Jayne

      They do, don’t they? They certainly weren’t what I was expecting when I first got there.


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