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Longleat Safari Park Part 2: Jungle Kingdom

The Jungle Kingdom section of Longleat Safari Park is the area you travel around on foot and has a whole range of animal species – more than a few I’d never met before. One of the my favourites of these new creatures has to be the binturong, which we first encountered curled up asleep but which became more active and alert once we were on our way out of the park. One of only two carnivores with a tail capable of grasping, they are slow-moving animals that live in forests and are on the vulnerable animals list.


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National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham

We recently returned to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, for the first time in about 10 years. We were partly attracted by the new colony of Gentoo penguins and of course to revisit the underwater ocean tunnel, the only one in the UK which is 360 degrees.



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