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Fjord Sightseeing

Finding myself with a few hours to spare and needing a sit down after a long day of walking I decided to try one of the many fjord sightseeing tours available in Oslo harbour; the one I chose was a two hour round trip, which I think is plenty of time to admire the scenery of the fjord.


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Oslo: A Walking Tour

Back in August, I went on an excellent holiday to Oslo in Norway. One of the first things I did after checking into my hotel (a very smooth process, I’d definitely recommend them, and they are literally next door to Oslo Central Train Station) was to take a walk around the city and familiarise myself with the local area. Some of these places I visited again more fully and some I chose not to revisit because there were other places I wanted to see more since there are only so many hours in the day even for me when I’m in full on travelling mode. (You may have noticed I can packĀ a lotĀ in when I go travelling!) But this is a good starting place for what will be a series of posts about the places I visited during my time in Norway and mainly focus on places I visited but did not explore fully.


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