The Wales Coast Path (Part One)

The Wales Coast Path follows, or at least runs close to, the coastline of Wales, making Wales potentially the first country in the world where its possible to walk the entire length of its coast – all 870 miles of it. It was launched in 2012 and I have done parts of it before along Anglesey, though always as in this case as a by product of being near the coast rather than a deliberate plan. As such I found myself walking along a small section in Conwy (I would go on to walk a rather larger section later in the week in Llandudno).

This part of the path goes to the left of the quayside, allowing a closer look at the marina across the harbour and is marked not only by the dragon shell logo which marks the path but also a handy map a little further on.

I only went as far as Bodlondeb Wood (next post) but it was a very pleasant journey. A few more photos can be found here.

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