Nottingham Winter Wonderland 2022

Tis the season for a lot of Christmas themed activities on the blog. Nottingham Winter Wonderland is back after a slightly disastrous attempt to return during the height of COVID. Lots of the familiar stalls have returned including delicious looking food offerings, several bars and the ice rink, though this year this has been expanded to include The Sky Skate, a covered terrace and ice path above the market, the only one of its kind in the UK, and which was proving very popular. [The official website linked above has better pics than I’d manage]. Winter Wonderland opened on November 15 and runs until December 31.

I always enjoy having a wander around the stalls and taking photos. I don’t always buy anything but this year I did buy a couple of new ornaments for the tree, one of which because it was a traditional Ukrainian ornament from a Ukrainian seller.

The wheel is back of course as well as the helter skelter bar and the windmill.

I also like finding all the different versions of the nutcracker on display.

And my personal favourite, the merry-go-round.

Always worth a visit, it has been getting increasingly more busy the nearer we get to Christmas, so do bear that in mind if you don’t like crowds as it’s not the most spread out of Christmas markets. I had hoped to take some photos during the evening as well but life at this time of year is always busy and I haven’t quite managed it yet. You can however find all the photos I’ve taken of the market here.

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