Christmas at Wollaton

Last weekend we attended the Christmas light trail at Wollaton Hall which was really very good. This is the second year the hall has put on a trail through its grounds – we didn’t go last year for obvious reasons. The trail takes around an hour to explore and is simple to follow with each section having its own theme.

We went for the 7pm time slot which was extremely busy and because of a backlog after the ticket check we didn’t get inside until around 7.30pm – if children’s bedtimes aren’t an issue I’d seriously suggest going for one of the later time slots to avoid this as the queue was non-existent as we began leaving around 8.30/9.

There are animal lights like the ones above in the Festive Forest which were really well done – I especially liked the owl. There is the familiar tunnel of lights that you often get at these events and some really lovely stars with a separate path veering off for people to take pictures without crowds (this is one of the places where there was a decided logjam to get around).

The video at the very end, projected on to the back of the hall itself is lots of fun – I won’t spoil the details but it’s well worth stopping to watch the whole thing. Overall it was a really well done event and though it did feel overly busy at times once we were through the ticket check we were able to move through each section without too much trouble.

You can find some more photos here.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas at Wollaton

  1. Thank you for the advice on ticket times! We’ll book a later one for next week 😁


  2. beautiful lights

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