The Ibsen Museum, Oslo

When I visited the Ibsen Museum I’d read A Doll’s House and seen Hedda Gabler on stage but otherwise wasn’t that familiar with Henrik Ibsen (I’ve since sought out a few more productions of his plays in London which have been really interesting). The museum is in the apartment he lived in with his wife from 1895 to his death in 1906 and gave a very good primer into his life.


The museum exhibition had many interesting items on display from photos and caricatures,



to items that he owned,


and informative panels on his life and how his experiences shaped the characters he created. It made for an interesting visit though I did not in the end have time to join a guided tour, which is the only way to get to see his library, study and other areas of the house. A must see for Ibsen fans and a decent place to visit for a casual theatre fan.

You can find more photos of the museum here.

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