Natural History Museum and Botanical Gardens, Oslo

I’m putting these two together because the Natural History Museum is in the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and also the fire alarm went off whilst I was at the museum so although I went back in to finish looking around there, it did mean that I didn’t spend as much time in the gardens as I would have done if I hadn’t been interrupted.


The most impressive part of the Natural History Museum has to be the T-Rex which you meet on entry into the Zoological Museum (where I spent the most time before being evacuated).


This part of the museum unsurprisingly consists of animals in display, and I have to say they were extremely well done considering that I’m usually not much of a fan of taxidermy.



There were also the usual fossils on display, including that of Ida, which is the most complete primate skeleton in the world,


and even items that had been on the moon, such as this flag that was taken aboard Apollo 17 and the accompanying moon rock.


Outside the Botanical Gardens are quite extensive and I probably only managed to see around a quarter of them. There wasn’t much in bloom while I visited but those that were were certainly colourful.



The gardens also contained some very eye-catching wicker sculptures, that I gather were part of a temporary exhibition.


I’d definitely say you need to have at least a full morning set aside to explore here (or afternoon – the museum doesn’t open until 11:00 although the grounds are open much earlier than that). You can find some more of my photos of the museum here and the botanical gardens here.

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