Erasmus Darwin House and Herb Garden

Whilst visiting Litchfield Cathedral I noted that directly opposite the front entrance was the Erasmus Darwin House and Herb Garden. Erasmus was Charles Darwin’s grandfather who came to Litchfield in 1756 and moved into this house with his wife in 1758.


Entry is free and you are encouraged to first head to the first floor and watch an introductory video about Darwin’s life. He was a doctor, scientist, inventor and poet, and some of his inventions are on display in one of the lower rooms, as are examples of some of the scientific instruments he would have used.


The study here has been arranged as it would have looked in the 1770s, with Darwin (seated) discussing scientific theories with his friend Josiah Wedgwood.


The Parlour shows Erasmus at his desk writing, and the table set out as if for tea (the tea caddy is locked away because of how expensive tea used to be).



The garden area is very neatly laid out with plenty of flowers and herbs


and the path to the house entrance is decorated with tiles such as these, reflecting Erasmus’ varied interests.



The first floor window also provides a nice view of Lichfield Cathedral.


It’s a small house but well worth a visit, though perhaps could have benefited from a few more explanatory information panels.

You can find more of my photos of the house here.

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