Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: The Park

After my trip to Martin’s Pond Nature Reserve, I had a look back through my photos and realised that it had been at least 5 years since I’d last visited the nearby Wollaton Hall. I decided therefore to make a day of it, exploring both the grounds and the Hall itself.


I’ll talk in detail about the Hall in my next post and focus instead here on the grounds. I’d forgotten quite how extensive these grounds are – 500 acres of woodland, with a lake, avenues of trees, gardens and parkland.


The grounds are also home to herds of red and fallow deer. I was lucky enough to get quite close to some deer on this occasion – though not too close, the last thing I wanted to do was spook them.



There is also a plethora of water birds at the lake, including these beautiful swans who allowed me to get very close to them.



The lake also provides for a stunning landscape view of the Hall.


The grounds of Wollaton Hall, like the Hall itself, are free to enter although there is a car-parking charge and it really is the best of the green spaces the city has to offer.

You can see many more photos here.

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