Worcester Part 2: Worcester Cathedral

On my recent trip to Worcester I decided to visit Worcester Cathedral. I had the faint idea that I’d been there before on another trip but that would have been at least a decade ago and I certainly don’t think I took any photos.


The Cathedral was handily opposite my hotel and is certainly a lovely and impressive building.


The present Cathedral was begun in 1084 and was a centre of learning throughout the Middle Ages.


The Cathedral has had much rebuilding (indeed there was some going on during my visit) after having been damaged in the Civil Wars with the Victorians carrying out the most renovations.


The Cathedral has many claims to fame. The composer Edward Elgar lived in Worcestershire all his life and his works were often performed at the Cathedral.


The Cathedral is also the site of King John’s Tomb; he had asked to be buried there in his will.


There are also some beautiful stained glass windows throughout the building.


A welcomer showed me the pane in one of the windows that had been put in back to front, one of I believe 20 known “mistakes” in the design of the cathedral.

I was also impressed by the beautifully decorated ceilings, particularly that which is above King John’s tomb.


The Chapter House, however, was not a patch on the one at Southwell Minster.


All in all Worcester Cathedral is a beautiful building and definitely worth a visit. Admission is free, with donations encouraged and a photography permit costing £3, definite value for money.

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