Iceland Part Three: The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition, is built around the remains of a Viking longhouse – excavated in 2001 and the oldest relics of human habitation in the capital. Photography was allowed inside but because of the low-level lighting I decided not to attempt it, so I’m afraid the only photo you get in this post is of the outside of the building.


The exhibition, which doesn’t take very long to go around, is a neat mix of information panels and multimedia technology which is used to give an impression of what life would have been like for the Vikings, with the ruins of the longhouse the centre of the exhibition around which all the other displays are laid out.

It’s an interesting exhibition, if not overly detailed, and contains some artefacts from digs around Reykjavik so it’s worth a visit if you’re in the city and find yourself with an hour to kill, but I wouldn’t suggest it was worth a special visit.

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