2012 In Review

The last time I did this, WordPress emailed me my stats information and automatically did a piechart. I guess they don’t do that, anymore? Anyway, stats are always fun, so without further ado…

In 2012 there were 13 new posts, making 63 in total. Which clearly means I need to make more of a concerted effort to go more places and blog about them this year.

The top ten searches to find this place were:

  1. kedleston hall
  2. lady curzon peacock dress
  3. hogwarts crest
  4. lady curzon
  5. wallace collection
  6. kedleston hall, the music room
  7. kedleston hall music room
  8. robert adam kedleston hall
  9. abandoned rooms
  10. tower of london chopping block

In fact, people have been searching for quite sensible things to reach here – no really random search hits have come up.

The busiest day of the year was July 20th when I had 32 views.  Since starting the blog my total views is 2,669.

The top ten countries that have visited the blog in the past year are:

  1.  UK
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. Iceland
  5. Italy
  6. Indonesia
  7. Belgium
  8. France
  9. Japan
  10. Australia

…with the UK providing 297 views

I’ve been protected from 1,000 spam comments!

I’ve uploaded 91 photos.

I’ve also had a flurry of comments and followers this year – welcome! When I started this blog it was so family and friends could get a regular update on my time living in Canada but I decided to keep it on to write about my adventures in other places too and my aim for this year is to visit even more places that I can blog about on a more regular basis. Still a lot of Iceland posts to come first, though!

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